We are growing together through
Loving God, Loving People,and Loving the Community.

This Statement is not only our mission as a church, but a process of how we grow together in our relationship with God on a continual basis.  The process is called discipleship.

The process of discipleship at the Christian Church at Panama City goes like this:

Loving God by attending Sunday Morning Worship.

Our Sunday Morning Worship is designed to focus on Loving God.  This is done through a meaningful and intentional worship experience focused on fellowship, praise, prayer, communion, and biblical teaching.

Loving People by participating in a Bible Study.

Our Bible Studies are designed to focus on Loving People.  They are an opportunity for us to do life together through friendship, openness, and real life application of the Bible.  Bible Study helps us not only to grow in our relationship with God, but in our relationships with each other.

Loving the Community by serving those in it.

God gives gifts to each of us that are to be used to serve.  Together we want to discover and nurture these gifts as we serve those outside of the church walls.