We have parking on the east and west sides of our building.  Our handicap spaces are on the east side of the building.

What To Wear?

We’re more concerned about you than your wardrobe.  Dress in what makes you feel comfortable.  No one is looked down on because of their clothing.

For Children

We have a nursery and nursery team for your infants.  During the Sunday morning worship all children will be in the main service until right before the sermon.  All children through the 5th grade will be released for Kid’s Church before the sermon.

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for adults and elementary age kids.  Sunday School starts at 9:00AM

Worship Service

Our service starts at 10:15 and generally lasts until 11:30.  We have a blended worship service with hymns and contemporary songs.


We participate in communion every Sunday.  The bread and juice are passed around after a devotional thought.  Communion is for all believers, not just the members of the Christian Church at Panama City.  You may take communion as it is passed or you may hold the bread and juice and take it when you are ready.


Before the sermon the offering trays are passed around.  As a visitor you are certainly not expected to give, but you are welcome to.  Our tithes & offerings are used to support the ministries and missions of our church.  Here is a list of the missions we support.